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​​Wedding Safety Tips For The Modern World

June 10, 2014
wedding safety tips
Weddings and receptions are classic ways of cementing and celebrating a newly married couple’s life together. From upbeat music to cutting the cake, the day is filled with excitement, laughter and friends. However, there is a dark side to this celebration. Criminals and wedding crashers often take advantage of distracted guests and the married couple themselves by stealing gifts or breaking into homes. Follow a few safety tips to keep this perfect day as wonderful as possible.

Arrange A House Sitter

Although your guests are the only ones who know about your wedding details, your entire neighborhood could know the ceremony’s set date. Knowing that you’ll be out of the house all day, criminals find this information perfect for a lucrative robbery. Designate a house sitter for the entire wedding day. To make it even safer, notify your security company that a house sitter is the only person present. If an issue arises, the company knows the situation is serious.

Pick Location Carefully

Well before your wedding day, select your ceremony and reception locations carefully. You want a secure area, such as a fenced-in space, to avoid any issues with unwanted characters. Security is especially important for urban events. Cities often have close quarters with unwanted people nearby. With locked doors and security measures in place, you can have a safe wedding without anyone showing up unannounced. Consider having the wedding and reception in the same location to keep everyone safely within one building or property.

Inevitable Wedding Crashers

There may be an unwanted guest trying to sneak in, whether to meet with other people or to actually steal from the event. Be aware of who is at your reception. If a person looks unfamiliar, have them escorted out immediately. For a safer event, hire a bouncer or large security guard to keep crashers out. They may appear to be harmless, but you don’t want to take a risk on your special day.

No Gift Table

The gift table is a magnet for thieves. From loose gift cards to lucrative appliances, this table doesn’t even need to be part of the event anymore. Ask guests to ship or bring their gifts to the home before the ceremony. They’ll be safely with the house sitter. If guests want to bring money as their gift, plan on touring all the reception tables to receive the envelopes personally.

Keep Social Media Chatter Quiet

You may want to document all of your festivities on social media, but avoid posting pictures and updates until after the date. Although your home is secure, your bridesmaids and groomsmen could have empty homes. If thieves know that people aren’t home, they can easily strip a house clean of all valuables. Keep all of your guests safe with social media updates that are posted the next day.

By being selectively private with event information and smart about receiving gifts, you can avoid wedding theft. Keep your eyes open for any issues all day or even designate a friend to be on guard. You want everyone to be safe and happy as you embark on your new journey with your spouse.