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Top 5 Security Mistakes Companies Make When Firing Employees

October 14, 2014
Crime Prevention
Unfortunately, your successful business will reach a point where it becomes essential to fire a once-valued employee. While this can be devastating for the person who is fired, it can also be dangerous for your business. Whether you are using a surveillance system, security guards or alarmed door locks, the situation has its risks. This list of mistakes will help you avoid making the same errors in judgment.

1. Not having a secure entrance.
Sure, your entrance might have an alarm with a code but is it changed consistently? You should be changing your security code on a regular basis, but you should also do so after you have fired an employee. If you use swipe-entry cards for your employees to gain access, ensure that you are revoking that access right away.

2. Failing to secure your facility with diverse options.
You have many different choices available. From swipe-entry access to high-tech surveillance systems, the world of security is at your disposal. Security breaches happen all the time. While most fired staff members will leave the premises professionally without the need for back-up, there are going to be others who are upset. They might try to take revenge on your business. If such a thing occurs, you want to have it captured on camera. Security systems like Total Connect™ can alert you to activities in particular zones of our business like the side or back doors.

3. Forgetting to collect keys, cards and electronics.
You should never forget to revoke all access to different forms of you business. If you have granted access to an employee to hold computers, phones, card keys and other company-owned items, you should request them back immediately. Fired employees should not have access to your network.

4. Arguing with the fired employee.
Whatever you do, do not engage in an argument or fight with the employee. Even if the employee chooses to vent his or her anger at you, it is imperative that you remain professional to the very end. Additionally, you should make the conversation short and straight to the point. You also do not want to offer extra help to the employee or make excuses. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to these matters.

5. Not having another employee in the room.
It is important that you have another employee in the office with you when you fire somebody, especially if you think he or she might cause a scene. A security guard, human resource professional or senior staff member are your best choices.

When it comes to firing an employee, you want to be as safe as possible. Surveillance systems and security guards can go far in protecting you from the dangers of an angry ex-employee. Cameras will protect you legally, and guards can protect you physically and financially. Ensure that you take all needed steps to be protected.