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Tips for Vacation Home Security in Long Beach

August 8, 2013
Neighborhoods where vacation homes are prevalent do experience higher crime rates than other neighborhoods in their region. This is exacerbated by the fact that many vacation home owners don’t take security for that home as seriously as they do for their primary home. When your vacation home is vacant, be sure you take these security measures:

Install High-Security Locks and Latches​

The first step for vacation home security in Long Beach is to upgrade all of the home’s hardware to high-security locks and latches. While you’re away, the number one goal is to delay burglars as much as possible because with each passing second, the statistical success of a burglary decreases dramatically. High-quality locks and latches also make your family feel more secure during those periods when you’re living there.

Monitored Home Alarm Solution

The next step is to hire a security company to install a security system. The best alarm systems in California are monitored, wireless and interactive and have a proven track record of decreasing successful crime in the homes where they’re installed. Some people avoid a monitored solution due to the subscription fee, but a monitored approach is significantly more effective that an unmonitored one, and it may even allow you to take advantage of a hefty home insurance discount.

Communicate with the Monitoring Agency

The more information you’re able to provide a monitoring agency, the better job they’ll be able to do. For ideal vacation home security in Long Beach, provide them with your vacation schedule, which will allow them to react to alarm notifications in a more timely fashion. If possible, consider having the same company monitor both the primary and vacation home so that this process is easier.

Reroute Your Mail

A classic indication of an empty vacation home is mail piling up in the mailbox. At the very least, have a neighbor collect your mail so that it’s not so obvious. Ideally, however, it’s best to reroute the mail from your vacation home to your primary home and vice versa. The USPS even offers a low-cost forwarding service that can greatly simplify this process.

Cancel Newspapers

Likewise, cancel newspapers and all other similar items. The best alarm system in California will do you no good if you’re essentially going out of the way to help the criminals by putting a proverbial bulls eye on your home. Most newspapers offer seasonal subscriptions for precisely that reason, so take advantage, and ask your neighbors to collect those newspapers when they know you aren’t there.

Communicate with Neighbors

Communication with your neighbors can go a long way to optimizing home security in Long Beach. Try to establish a system where you keep an eye out for their homes and they do the same for you. If you have neighbors who live there year round, they bear a lot of the burden, so consider an annual gift that demonstrates how much you appreciate them.

Put Lights and Appliances on Sensors

It also helps to have lights and appliances on at various times of the day, but keep in mind that there are better options than just basic timers. For instance, you can also mix in sunlight timers, and connect access points that you can access from home. The best alarm systems in California also provide home automation features that can make this process a lot simpler and cost-effective.​