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The Importance of Alarm Systems in California

November 27, 2013
Residents of Los Angeles live in a city that does have some high crime rates, but there are ways to protect family and home with alarm systems. Any residence is a potential target for a burglar, and security system installation reduces the chance that a family’s life will be disrupted by theft through damage to the home and potential harm to the occupants.

Tips Before and During Installation

It’s essential to discuss the design and scope of an alarm system you’re your security alarm provider because every residence is different and needs do vary. Some homes may require a system complete with security doors, safe rooms, and gating, but not every residence requires such a state-of-the-art approach. However, there are decisions that every homeowner must make no matter the extent of the alarm system.

Consider the following tips when designing home security protection in Los Angeles:
  • Always change the locks when installing a new system
  • Ensure all installation wires are hidden so they can’t be cut
  • Illuminate every entrance with sufficient light
  • Eliminate gaps around doors and windows

General Guidelines After Installation

There are many levels of alarm systems that may be installed within the average residence. Some families might choose a few simple surveillance cameras while other residents might consider an extensive security system that ensures every facet of the home is protected. All homeowners must realize that all systems require maintenance and upkeep after installation.

To maintain the best level of security in the home after installation, consider the following:
  • Check references of all domestic workers or anyone with access to the home
  • Check the system yearly to ensure all batteries function and the system is active
  • Don’t leave keys under the doormat… ever
  • Always let neighbors know about a pending or lengthy absence

Making the Home Even Safer

Beyond the physical changes made to a home with security system installation, there are also some simple tactics a homeowner may use to increase the effectiveness of any alarm system. Burglars rely upon expected behavior from homeowners, and making it difficult for a thief to get what he wants requires some creativity.

Remember the following theft reduction tactics to improve family safety:
  • Never store valuables in the bedroom since that’s exactly where a burglar will search
  • Turn on the radio during the day if no one is home to dissuade burglars
  • Put a security sign in the yard whether it’s monitored or unmonitored
  • Keep doors locked even while in residencebecause theft may occur at all times

Remember to Obtain a Permit

It wouldn’t be the first thing a person thinks about when installing an alarm system, but the City of Los Angeles does require its residents to obtain a permit for a monitored alarm system. The cost for a permit is $37 for the first year and requires a $30 renewal each year thereafter. However, if a resident chooses to install a security alarm that isn’t monitored, a fee waiver may be approved.

High-quality home security is one of the most significant methods for leading a safe life in southern California. Ensure family safety and security by investigating options from security alarm companies in your area.