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Tailgating Safely During Football Season

November 25, 2014
Tailgating Safety Tips
Cooler temperatures and the kids going back to school signal the arrival of football season and the time-honored tradition of tailgating. The only thing better than cheering on your favorite football team is doing so at a tailgating party with your friends and family. The fun rivalries and camaraderie are a welcome feature of the fall and winter seasons.

However, football is a rowdy sport, and it’s not uncommon to see fans get particularly excited about the success or failure of their team. Here are a few tips you’ll want to use to create a safe tailgating experience for the season.

Limiting Alcohol Intake

Since tailgating involves vehicles, a designated driver is essential, but it’s also a good idea to limit overall alcohol intake. Consider this experience of a fan and his family who attended a game at Candlestick Park to see the San Francisco 49ers play against the New Orleans Saints. The man was a Saints fan and a group of rowdy, inebriated 49ers fans threatened his family. Stories like this are not hard to come by.

Tempers can flare, and people can get into fights during tailgating parties simply because they’re drunk and caught up with the excitement of the game. Consider bringing drinks like water or basic carbonated beverages instead of cases upon cases of beer. You may also consider bringing hot chocolate and cider for those particularly chilly games.

Take a Look at Your Auto Insurance Plan

It might not occur to you, but having insurance is important for tailgating because there’s a vehicle involved. According to Valley Insurance Agency, adequate coverage means being able to cover the contents of your vehicle in case of theft.

Further, you’ll want to make sure you have coverage for things like medical injuries, which may require taking a look at your homeowner’s insurance policy. Do you have coverage if a friend hurts himself while attending a party in your home? 

Tip: You might want to look into umbrella coverage to make sure you’re protected for all events.

Getting Healthy While Tailgating

Just like events such as the Super Bowl, Fourth of July barbecues, and Thanksgiving, tailgating can get rather unhealthy, particularly if you’re out every weekend with your friends to celebrate the team. Consider these final tips from Food in Sight to make sure your tailgating experience is as healthy as it is safe:

•Serve small food-like little burgers and bite-sized brownies instead of huge servings.
•Use dips like hummus and guacamole instead of cheese dip and ranch dressing.
•Bring fruit and veggies instead of tortilla or potato chips.

Also, you’ll want to consider cooking safety in addition to eating healthy. Make sure you grill meat separately from grilling vegetables. In addition, you might want to bring along a fire extinguisher if you’re barbecuing. Finally, don’t just toss those coals after using a charcoal grill; cool them off before throwing them away or tossing them in a container in the bed of your truck.

Football season offers a variety of fun activities for your family, and you’ll want to remain aware of safety concerns at all times. Having a happy, healthy, and safe tailgating season is easy when you follow these simple guidelines.