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Six Places a Thief Won’t Look for Your Valuables

August 12, 2014
Pacificalarms Hide Valuables
When you’re choosing a place to put your valuables, you could go with a safe that bolts into the frame of the home so it can’t be removed. Not many thieves are also safe-crackers and thieves are normally looking for a quick, easy score. They’ll spend six to eight minutes rummaging in the home, and if they find a safe, they’ll assume everything of value is kept in there.

If you don’t have the money to invest in a safe that can’t be removed, it’s not recommended that you get one at all. It will give thieves an obvious item to steal and they will take it and open it at their convenience. Instead, you’ll want to hide your valuables in a place that thieves won’t look or notice. Here are a couple indiscreet hiding places for your valuables.

Fake Items
Items that are fake but look real are a great idea for valuables like money and jewelry. The thief doesn’t have a lot of time to search your home, so he needs to get in and out quickly. He’s not going to check every item to be sure it’s real.

Soda Can
There are many real items that can be replaced with fake ones for keeping valuables safe. The soda can is perfect as long as the thief doesn’t get thirsty. They won’t be in your house long enough to search every item in the refrigerator.

Potted Plants
Valuables can be hidden in fake potted plants under the fake dirt and moss, or you can use old prescription bottles to hold rolled money buried in the real dirt. No thief is going to dig into the dirt of your plants in search of valuables.

In some cases, slipping money inside the pages of a book might not be a good idea. If you have a hundred books, it’ll be a little more difficult for a robber to check every single book to be sure there’s nothing in it. If you have three books on a shelf and one of them is filled with money or hollowed out for valuables, that’s probably not the wisest choice

Disguised Home Items
If possible, building fake home appliances and features, such as a false thermostat or outlet, is a great way to hide valuables. These items will look like they are a natural part of the home and burglars will not even think of checking them for valuables.

Air Vents
There are a few different styles of air vents that can be added to the home. It requires a little bit of construction. You’ll have to make a space in the wall for the vent, but it’s less expensive than building a space for a wall safe.