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Six Crucial Reasons for Commercial Security in California

September 25, 2013
Commercial security is a crucial component of every California business, regardless of the business size. California commercial security protects a business’s physical and data assets in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Understandably, many small startups fear the additional cost, but it’s a cost of doing business, and there are ways to offset that cost so that it isn’t quite the burden expected.

1. Security Requires the Right Questions and Answers

In order to choose the California commercial security that’s the right fit for a business, it’s necessary to ask the right questions and receive appropriate answers. Start by speaking with the local law enforcement agency. Then talk to other local businesses, which will help you put the information from the police into perspective. Pay attention to what the standard is. For instance, CCTV in Los Angeles businesses is the norm, and you should consider that your default position until there’s a good reason to think otherwise.

2. Security Affects Your Insurance

Be aware that security directly affects some aspects of your business insurance policies. Usually, discounts are available, which is a big motivator for the use of CCTV in Los Angeles. There may also be certain requirements based on your coverage. Therefore, it’s necessary to work alongside your insurance agent to ensure that you meet the requirements of the policies and best take advantage of any benefits available to you.

3. Security is a Platform for Automation

Automation and remote access are becoming prevalent in businesses. Automation includes enabling/disabling lights, thermostat adjustment and locking/unlocking of doors. Remote access allows remote manipulation of those items from home or while travelling. It’s even possible to be able to view the feed from a CCTV in Los Angeles via a PC or smartphone. The foundation for such capabilities can be expensive, but California commercial security includes that framework at no additional charge.

4. Security Fosters a Less-Appealing Target

The law enforcement statistics in California are undeniable: Businesses without a monitored security system are 30 percent or more likely to be a target of crime than one that has that tech installed. This is how security is a cost of doing business. Expected losses are an expense. By paying now, the business can significantly offset what that expense would have been later on.

5. Security Reduces Losses

Security is not a guarantee, and businesses with 24-7 monitored systems are still broken into. Statistically, there’s some good news in this regard as well. The losses from a crime are generally 50 percent or more less when security is present. A big reason for this is all the additional evidence that the police have to pursue the case. Another big reason is that the insurance company is less likely to resist claims when there’s hard evidence available.

6. Security Keeps Honest People Honest

In 2012, $50 billion in business losses in the United States can be attributed to employee theft. The statistics are actually higher in California than in most states. Of all employee theft cases that were identified and corrected, in nearly 38 percent of those cases, it happened due some aspect of the security system. The statistics also show that businesses with interior cameras experience significantly less loss from employee theft than comparable businesses without.