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Security Companies in Los Angeles Care About Back-to-School Safety

August 23, 2013
Going back to school is often a scary ordeal for parents and children alike. While having a home alarm system in California helps keep children safe at home, security companies know that that’s not enough outside of the home. In following some excellent back to school safety tips, parents in California can feel more confident that their children are safer, more aware of their surroundings, and more responsible than ever before.

Every year, thousands of children under the age of 14 get injured in school or via school-related activities (riding the bus, walking to school, etc). Parents can take precautions that security companies in Los Angeles recommend to keep their kids safe at all times. If kids walk to school, parents can walk the school route with their children before school starts so kids know exactly how to get to and from school. Kids who ride the bus should be encouraged not to stand up in their seats, be rowdy, or sit near other children who misbehave on the bus.

Other precautions parents can take is talking to school authorities. Parents can make sure schools have a great alarm system in California to help ensure that bullying and other dangerous behavior (including predators wandering about) can be caught on video. Parents can make sure their children wear clothing that won’t get snagged on playground toys, and can check to make sure there is a teacher with the children at all times when they are outdoors. Children should always know their parents’ phone numbers in the event of an emergency both on and off the playground.

For instances that don’t involve the school directly, such as driving children from school or kids walking on their own, parents can follow additional tips to keep their kids safe. Parents who drive their kids to school should drop them off and pick them up as close to the school as possible and not lose sight of their children until they are in the vehicle or in the school itself. They should also teach their children basic street safety, such as looking both ways prior to crossing the road and not stopping in front of a bus where they cannot be seen.

Bullying is a large deal and concern for many parents as well, both on the playground and away from the school building itself. Parents are strongly urged to teach their children how to stand up to bullying by telling an adult immediately after being harassed and by simply walking away from a bully’s demands. While some children will be free from bullying, those who are picked on around the playground and on their way to school should know that it’s ok to tell a parent or grown up immediately that they are being bullied.

Security companies in the Los Angeles area, like Pacific Alarms, want to make sure that kids stay safe during the school year. The best way they can help keep kids safer is by alerting parents about the basic dangers they can avoid by helping their kids make safer choices. While not every danger at or involving school can be entirely avoided, using these tips can help make the school year a lot more fun and safer for everyone.