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Pacific Alarms is the Leading Home Security in Los Angeles

April 25, 2013
In order to protect your family and your Los Angeles home, you need a state-of-the-art security system that is monitored around the clock by a central station. Statistics show that homes monitored by Los Angeles alarm companies are three times less likely to suffer a break-in, and when emergencies do occur, a protected home is far more likely to make it through unscathed and achieve a satisfactory resolution.

Pacific Alarms

Pacific Alarms is an innovator and leading provider of home security in Los Angeles. Pacific Alarms was founded in 1953 and has remained a local family-owned business that has a vested interest in the area that it serves. Pacific Alarms is also an authorized Honeywell and First Alert dealer, and those companies set the standard for sophistication in alarm technology. Pacific Alarms is a top choice in Los Angeles because it has an impeccable reputation for meeting the needs of its clients. The four main components of a Pacific Alarms residential system are burglar alarms, smoke/fire detection, surveillance and central monitoring.

Burglar Alarm

The burglar alarm is the component that most people associate with home security in Los Angeles. However, burglary alarms are not a standardized component. In fact, Pacific Alarms customizes each burglar alarm configuration to meet the specific needs of each home and family, and it offers alarms that are programmable and can auto-arm. Nothing is more important to the safety of your home and family, and when an alarm activates, the Pacific Alarms central monitoring agent will ensure that the correct emergency services are en route.

Smoke & Fire Detection

Fire alarms in California need to be the best because it is the right thing to do but also because the state has some of the most stringent residential fire codes in the entire country. In order to meet this need, Pacific Alarms offers leading-edge fire alarms, smoke detectors and CO detectors, and it provides fire control systems that range from five to 56 zones and fire panels that can support up to 198 unique devices.

CCTV, DVR & Surveillance

With every residential system, Pacific Alarms can integrate a full range of interior and exterior camera options, including CCTV, DVR and NVR. Pacific Alarms also offers a full range of covert options, which can be useful, for instance, in homes that have nannies, housekeepers and similar personal. Furthermore, you’ll have access to the camera system from any computing device in the house, and with remote access, you can access the cameras remotely from any Web-enabled device.

Central Monitoring Station

The most important aspect of a modern residential security system is around-the-clock monitoring, and the best Los Angeles alarm companies have their own local monitoring station. Pacific Alarms’ central monitoring station is up and running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and it has an outstanding track record of performance. The station agents are committed to protecting your own family and home, and they have state-of-the-art equipment at their disposal to ensure that it happens.