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Making Your Home Safe for Your New Baby

September 30, 2014
Home safety for new born
It is a very exciting time when parents get to bring their newborn baby home. With the joy that a new baby brings into your home, there is a lot of responsibility that comes along as well. As well as providing your baby with food, warmth and love, you also must be sure to create a safe environment for your baby and there are a lot of potential hazards that the typical home presents for babies. Here is a guide for new parents on baby proofing their homes to make them as safe as possible for their newborns.

Handling Electricity

One of the most dangerous parts of a home for babies is the electrical system. There are two primary dangers that the electricity in your home presents a baby: Prevent electrical shock via the outlets by simply using outlet plugs on all unused outlets in the home. The other danger is the cords that come out of the outlets. If a young child tugs on one of these cords, the attached device could fall on top of the child. The best way to prevent this is to tape down all electrical cords to keep them from being tugged on.

Securing Cabinets

Babies are very curious, which means that they are constantly exploring their surroundings. You must put safety latches on all of your cabinets to keep babies from getting into them. This is especially important for any cabinets that contain things like chemicals or other substances that would be harmful to children.

Making the Crib Safe

One of the most dangerous areas for a baby is surprisingly the crib. Keep all blankets, toys, pillows and stuffed animals out of the crib. Babies can easily suffocate on these things if they are left unattended with them.

Do a Crawling Test

Before your baby arrives, you should go through every room in your house to check for potential hazards. The best way to do this is to crawl around the floor and look for dangers. This will allow you to see things from the baby’s vantage point, allowing you to more easily identify and eliminate potential hazards.

Baby Gates

One of the easiest ways to simplify your baby safety measures is to make use of baby gates. When you put up a baby gate on the entrance to a room, it allows you to keep your baby from being harmed by anything in that room. This allows you to skip completely baby proofing any room that has a baby gate on the doorway.

Start Well Ahead of Time

It can be a little tedious going through all of these baby proofing measures in your home. To make the job less bothersome, you should make sure to start several months before the baby arrives. This will allow you to do a little at a time, which will keep the process from becoming overwhelming.