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Residential Security
Protect your loved ones. Homes that are protected by a Los Angeles home security system are three times less likely to be broken into than homes without alarm security systems. Your home is the one place on this planet that you should feel safest, and a good home security system in Los Angeles can provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.
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Commercial Security
Protect your business from unauthorized break-ins and fire. Monitor employee activity. Control access to secure areas in your office. Pacific Alarm Systems designs and installs comprehensive alarm systems from CCTV in Los Angeles to surveillance in Culver City, with burglar alarms, fire detection, armed guard response and much more.
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Home Automation
Home Automation allows you to not only control your California security system remotely, but it also allows you to adjust settings for temperature, lights and locks in your home with the touch of a button. Even when you are away, you can monitor your home’s various systems via phone, laptop or tablet. You have a smart phone, now get a smart home.
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“After searching for security companies in Malibu CA, I bought an alarm system from Pacific. It was fully wireless and the installation manager programmed the whole thing for me in his office and when I installed the door contacts, motion and the keypad on the wall I was all set. He was very nice to work with me to save me on install charges. Anyone who I’ve spoken to when I call are very professional and I never get a long recording to fumble through when I call. Unlike the other companies I have tried, Pacific is always there when I need them, 24/7!” – Joey M; June 2012

“Pacific Alarm Systems is the best alarm company and have excellent customer service. I highly recommend them.” – Jen C; April 2011

“We’ve used the services of Pacific Alarm for decades. We’ve never had an issue with the hardware other than replacing an old pad. Every five years or so we have the main battery for system backup replaced before anything goes wrong. There was never any hard sell – not upon installation, nor upon subsequent service visits. We were the ones who asked about beefing up the system – which resulted in panic buttons throughout the house. Customer service is great. I never have a problem reaching a tech on the phone to discuss an issue and the techs show up on time, call to let you know how close they are to coming (within a half an hour or so) and they work quickly. AND THE TECHS ARE COMPANY EMPLOYEES! Installation by techs is NOT outsourced to strangers whom you do not know, whom you might not want in your home, unlike at other California security companies. All I can add is that there are so many benefits to going with a local, family-owned firm with its own, trained, loyal and long-term/life-time, well-compensated and benefited employees as opposed to a national security company that spends much of your dollar on national ad campaigns. We’re happy to be with Pacific Alarms!” – WineScout; September 2011

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We offer the highest quality alarm service in the Los Angeles area at very competitive prices. Even though quality is remembered long after price is forgotten, isn’t it nice to know that honest and diligent service is still available.

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