I am not happy with the system I currently have through another company. Can I switch over to Pacific Alarm Systems?

Yes! Pacific Alarm Systems has vast experience with all kinds of alarm systems in California. For a free security review of your home or business, give us a call at (310) 390-6661 or send us an email message at sales@pacificalarms.com.

Can I view my cameras remotely over the internet?

Absolutely. Security cameras in California are important. Digital video recorders installed by Pacific Alarm Systems enable you to do this so long as you have high speed internet service on the premises with the cameras.

Do I need a separate phone line for my security system?

No, a separate phone line is not necessary. However, the system will seize your phone line for about 60 seconds when sending an emergency alarm signal to our central station.

I don’t have a landline. Do I have to have one installed?

No you do not. Any of our customer service representatives can go over options that utilize cellular and radio signals instead of landlines.

What happens to my alarm during a power outage?

Your system will remain fully active even in the event of

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a power failure. All alarm systems have backup standby power. If the battery begins to drain, a battery trouble signal will also be sent so it can be replaced even before it goes completely dead.

How does an alarm system SAVE me money?

Most Homeowners Insurance policies receive a discount of up to 15% if you have an alarm system installed in your home. Also, it tends to increase the value of your home.

How affordable is Pacific Alarm Systems?

Installing security from Pacific Alarm Systems is probably less expensive than you imagine. We offer lease and purchase plans, as well as time payment plans for surveillance systems in Los Angeles to accommodate most budgets. Perhaps even more important, we work tirelessly to keep from passing increased costs on to our subscribers. Pacific Alarm Systems has not raised monthly service charges to subscribers in well over ten years!

Why should I choose Pacific Alarm Systems?

Service.Service.Service. Personalized attention to your specific security needs by a locally owned and operated California security company with over fifty years’ experience and the integrity of a U.L. listed central station.