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Keeping Your Bike Safe from Theft

September 12, 2014
bike theft
Bike theft can happen anywhere. Even if you think your bike is in a secure location with video cameras and security guards, a determined thief can steal it. It is important that you protect your bike well to keep it from being stolen. Here is a look at the most important steps you need to take to keep your bike safe from thieves.

Lock Your Bike

It is appalling how many people routinely leave their bikes unlocked. You need to always, always make sure that you lock your bike up securely. Even if you are only going to be leaving it unattended for a minute, you need to lock your bike. Even if you live in a small town, you need to lock your bike. No matter what the situation is, you need to lock your bike up whenever you leave it unattended.

Secure the Frame

Proper locking technique is crucial for keeping your bike safe from theft. This means that you need to secure the frame when you are locking up your bike. When you use a good lock to secure your metal bike frame to a metal bike rack, you make your bike a very unappetizing target for thieves.

When you are locking your bike up, it is best to secure it to a bike rack. If you secure it to something other than a bike rack, use your head. Make sure that whatever you lock it to is made out of sturdy metal. Also, ensure that you always lock your bike in such a way that it cannot be simply slid up and removed. For example, do not lock you bike to a metal pole that allows the thief to simply push the bikemand lock up and off the pole.

Use a U-Lock

When you are selecting your bike lock, make sure that it is a sturdy U-lock. You do not want to skimp on this purchase. All it takes is a few seconds with a pair of bolt cutters to steal a bike that has been locked up with a simple cable lock.

Take It Inside

If you want to use the ultimate form of protection, then you should always take your bike inside with you. Even if you use the best lock possible, it will not stop a determined thief from stealing your bike if he really wants it. The only way to keep your bike 100 percent safe is to never leave it unattended outside. Many businesses will allow their employees to bring their bikes inside with them while they are at work.

Protect Your Investment

Bikes are more expensive than ever these days. You must protect your investment by securing your bike from thieves. Try to bring your bike inside whenever possible. If you must leave it outside, then always secure the frame of the bike to a sturdy metal bike rack with a U-lock.