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Keep Cell Phones out of Your Bed

August 25, 2014
cell phone safety
Smartphones have completely transformed our world. Their helpfulness knows no bounds when someone is lost or needs to get information in a hurry. However, they also offer dangers that people need to be aware of. One of the lesser-known dangers is the risk of bringing mobile phones to bed. Here is a guide to the many reasons that you should avoid bringing your cell phone to bed with you.

Raising the Risk of Cancer

One of the most worrisome of the hazards that cell phones pose is the research that links cell phone usage and an increased risk of developing cancer. Look for ways to lower the odds of getting cancer by leaving your cell phone on the nightstand and away from your body.

Fire Hazard

As scary as a heightened risk of cancer may be, it is not nearly as worrisome as the risk of fire caused by a cell phone that is not properly ventilated. The problem is that people who take their smartphones to bed with them often fall asleep with them. When a cell phone is trapped underneath a pillow for example, it does not get the ventilation it needs. This situation causes the phone to rapidly overheat and create the potential for fire. Never take a chance of falling asleep with your smartphone in your bed.

Ruining Your Sleep Cycle

Poor sleep can cause many kinds of health problems as well as make you unfocused and irritable. Bringing a mobile phone to bed with you is an easy way to ruin your sleep cycle. This is especially true if the phone is set up to give email and text alerts. It would be best to remove the smartphone from the bedroom but if this is not feasible, you should turn off any notification sounds.

Make sure that your smartphone is put away on the charger at night. Keep it well away from your sleeping area. This will not only keep you safe, but it will also ensure that you always have a full charge on your phone to start the day.