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It’s That Time of Year: Summer Safety Tips for Kids

May 30, 2013
​As summer approaches, it’s time to consider seasonal safety tips for kids. Summer is a wonderful time of year for children, but it’s also a time when risks abound and reduced parental supervision is likely.

Pedestrian Safety
If you have children that are reaching that age where they’re allowed away from the home without supervision, then an important aspect of summer safety is going over proper pedestrian behavior. Go over basic concepts, such as looking both ways and running not walking, and stress that when walking on or near a road, it’s the wrong time for horseplay.

Bicycle Safety
If your children ride bicycles, then stress bicycle safety tips for kids. Prior to summer, make sure that the child’s helmet is in good condition and still fits. If not, purchase a new helmet. It’s also important to stipulate that the child wear a helmet whenever on any wheels, including skateboards and scooters. Go over the rules of the road, and if you live in an urban environment, explain bike lanes and such.

Water Safety
For preteens, forbid swimming without adult supervision, such as you, a neighbor or a lifeguard. If the child is not a strong swimmer, go over the basics and, if possible, practice the skills together. If your child is a strong swimmer, don’t forget that no child is drown-proof. Be aware that without supervision, small children can drown in baby pools and even buckets.

Sun Protection
Sun exposure is a major summer safety issue, and overexposure is common. Have plenty of sunscreen available, and require the child to wear it. It should be reapplied every two hours. Avoid long-term exposure during the peak hours, and provide the child with a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and proper clothing during them. Kids shouldn’t avoid being outdoors in the summer, but they should take advantage of shade and other relief.

Dehydration & Heat Illness
After sun exposure, the second most common issue is dehydration. Children and adults should have plenty of water, and consider buying a stainless steel canteen that the child can use to have water on them at all times. An important rule of summer safety is that dehydration and heat stroke often set in long before the person feels the effects.

Ticks & Poison Ivy
Use tick and insect repellant. In areas where ticks are prevalent, wear long sleeves and pants. Do the same in areas where poison ivy, oak and sumac are common. If you don’t know how to identify those three plants, learn, and then teach those skills to your children. During the summer, make it a habit to check for ticks at the end of each day.

Home Security
If your children will be home alone during the summer, then safety tips for kids should include basic home security. Teach them how to use the alarm system. Consider upgrading to a system like Total Connect by Honeywell, which allows you to unlock/locks and access security camera feeds from any Web-enabled device. If you’re interested in upgrading, contact Pacific Alarms, which is a Honeywell-authorized dealer and a leading security firm in Los Angeles since 1953.