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Honeywell: The Leading Alarm System in California

May 18, 2013
When you’re at home, you should feel safe and secure, protected from the dangers of the world around you. The reality, however, is that dangers are present even in your home. But we have the solution.

We Install Honeywell Home Security Systems

Pacific Alarms can help ensure safety for you, your loved ones and your property. We confidently install the type of alarm system California residents demand – one that delivers maximum protection and immediate response from emergency personnel 24/7.

The brand of alarm systems we have trusted for many years is Honeywell, the top manufacturer of home security systems in the world. The company’s commitment to quality and dependability are what make Honeywell California residents’ preferred home security brand.

Our Alarm Systems Protect from All Common Dangers

National crime and home emergency statistics give homeowners many reasons to be concerned. Your concerns can be alleviated when you choose Pacific Alarms to protect your home with an alarm system in California counties including Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Counties. Here are just some of the dangers we’ll help you avoid:

Burglary: The US Department of Justice recently reported more than 2,150,000 annual burglaries in the United States. Additional statistics demonstrate that a home protected by a home security system is three times less likely to be broken into. The presence of the system, indicated by signage around the home, is a proven deterrent. If the thief attempts to break into your home anyway, the sounding of the alarm will cause them to flee in the vast majority of cases, and police will be on the way within seconds.

Fire: A recent estimate by the National Fire Protection Association put the value of property loss from residential fires at $6,875,000 per year. The key to reducing property damage and saving lives is fast response from local firefighters. Our Honeywell California alarm systems guarantee immediate response from emergency personnel. They do this with the signal they send directly to the central monitoring station that fire or smoke has been detected.

Medical Emergency: Heart attacks, strokes and other medical emergencies often happen at home. Falls are a major problem too. According to the Centers for Disease Control, falls account for about one-half of all accidental deaths that occur at home. Getting to the victim promptly is essential. When medical emergencies arise, help can be summoned right away, the lives of many of those who suffer heart attacks, strokes or falls can be saved.

Choosing Pacific Alarm

Pacific Alarm is a family-owned and operated business that has been protecting area families for half a century. Founded in 1953, our company installs alarm systems that California residents can trust to keep them safe in the event of crime, fire or medical emergency.

We are dedicated to fantastic customer service that sets us apart from other home security companies. That service, combined with the installation of security systems from Honeywell that California customers rely on, is what makes Pacific Alarm the trusted name for home security in L.A. County, Orange County and Ventura County.

Contact us today to discuss your home security needs. As an authorized Honeywell home security system dealer, we’ll have the system needed to keep you and your home safe and secure.