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Essential Tips for a Safe Fall Season

November 26, 2014
Safety Tips
For many, fall is the most anticipated season of the year. When a chill enters the air, the leaves change into a beautiful assortment of colors, sweaters and coats are pulled from closets, and preparations begin for the holidays. But with the changing season comes a new set of safety concerns that weren’t there during the summer months. Here are essential tips for a safe and enjoyable autumn.

Prepare Your Vehicles

Certain steps must always be taken to keep your vehicle safe for the road, but there are specific tasks to complete when the cold air arrives. Make sure you always have a warm blanket or two in the trunk just in case your car breaks down and you have a long wait for help. Also make sure your tires are ready for freezing temperatures. Tire pressure changes as the temperature changes, and bald tires, while dangerous all the time, are especially hazardous on early morning icy roads.

Beware of Clogged Gutters

When leaves fall from the trees, they don’t just end up in the yard. They also end up in your gutters. Clean and free gutters are essential to the health of your home, but be careful on ladders if you clean the gutters yourself. A fall from a tall ladder is not only dangerous, it can be deadly. Consider hiring this job out to a professional. If you must clean your gutters yourself, ask a family member or friend to help you keep the ladder safe and steady.

Take Care of Yourself

Fall is filled with great times with friends and family, which means you have to take care of yourself if you plan on keeping up with all the holidays and parties. Get extra sleep, eat right, dress for the weather, and get a flu shot. Flu shots have never been easier to get and they’re inexpensive. Fifteen minutes out of your day for a flu shot at your local pharmacy or doctor may save you weeks of misery at the wrong time.

Autumn can be the most beautiful and exciting time of the year. As the summer heat turns into a fall chill, the excitement of a new school year, the coming holidays, and cozy clothes fills the air. Be prepared with these simple tips and don’t let an unexpected accident ruin it for you.