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Dispelling Common Myths about Home Alarm Systems

September 9, 2013
Securing a home and keeping the contents and residents inside safe is one of the top priorities of any homeowner. Recent statistics by the Federal Bureau of Investigation indicate that four home burglaries occur every minute in the United States. These shocking statistics show how important it is for someone who owns a house to invest in the peace of mind and security that home alarm systems supply. Unfortunately, there are still myths about home security that we’d like to dispel today.

Myth #1: Alarm systems are expensive and require a lengthy contract.
There are many different types of units to fit various budgets and most companies that sell security systems are willing to work with individuals to help find a system that fits their budgets. As for contract length, these can vary from timelines of a few years to a month-by-month basis and depends on the type of plan chosen. In addition many home insurance companies offer discounts and benefits for those who opt for a security system. The cost of your valuables and loved ones being protected should also play into your cost evaluation.

Myth #2: Alarm systems are not pet-friendly.
While motion sensors pose a challenge for those who believe this myth, they don’t have to be used, and even if they are, they can often be adjusted for a certain height. In addition, some systems have sensitivity settings that allow for pet movement but will trigger if a home intrusion is occurring. For individuals who have dogs and cats, it’s advisable to speak with representatives of your California alarm company and have them help choose an option that is suitable—they exist!

Myth #3: Our neighborhood is safe, so we don’t need security.
Some homeowners believe the myth that their neighborhood is safe and a crime could never occur. While having a neighborhood watch in place is wise, burglaries still can occur. Unfortunately, people become complacent and routine with their daily lives, which make them a surefire target for a thief. Burglaries often occur after a neighborhood and home have been staked out, noting routine absences and vulnerabilities. If an intrusion occurs while someone is home, disastrous things could happen that authorities and neighborhood members would be unaware of. In addition a security system can protect against more than a break in with CO2 detection, panic buttons, fire detection, etc. Having a monitored alarm system in place ensures that authorities are alerted in the case of any home security.

Myth #4: Police will take too long to respond.
While it does take a few minutes for authorities to reach a residence, having no alarm would mean authorities are either not notified at all or if they are, they’ll certainly not be notified as quickly as they would with a monitored system. Also, having a system in a home creates three times the safety factor and chances of the burglar aborting his operation Time is on the side of a protected home as authorities have a quicker chance at scouting a neighborhood or catching a criminal in the act.

We encourage you to contact your California alarm company, ask questions and learn the true facts about various systems and what they offer. With special needs or concerns, custom alarm systems can be designed just for you.