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CCTV Cameras Add Extra Security for Long Beach & Torrance CA Homes

December 6, 2012

Every day on the television or Internet, we hear about crimes that are committed in neighborhoods in which most people feel safe. Unfortunately, crime has no boundaries and unsuspecting good people are oftenthe victims of burglaries or worse. Protecting your family and assets inside of your home is the number one priority for most households. Home security for Long Beach residents offers peace of mind for people that live in any type of neighborhood, and should be installed before a thief decides to break into yourhome. Statistics show that most criminals will ignore homes that have Honeywell(of Torrance CA) alarm systems arming them. Honeywell designs and creates someof the most sophisticated alarm and alert systems in the industry. Combine these with CCTV in your Los Angeles home, and you can rest peacefully knowing thatyour house is being watched over 24 hours a day and your family and assetsinside are safe.

Honeywell’s Torrance CA alarm systems are controlled by acentral panel which is generally located in an entryway or area that’s close tothe front door. When you or a family member enters your home, you punch in a code that disarms the entry and re-arms the door once you close and secure it.Other areas of your home are also secured by sensors that indicate when windowsare opened. If it’s a hot day and you decide to open a window at night, you can easily disarm the sensor at the main control panel. Control panels are simple enough that even children will be able to learn how to use and control them.This makes it handy if they come home from school and you’re not there yet to punch in the code.

Fire safety is another advantage of having home security in Long Beach. Fires can start easily and spread quickly throughout a person’s home. An alert system that warns the residents of smoke and fire is often times the saving signal that means the difference between life and death. When you’re dreaming and sleeping and not thinking about a fire, that’s when this ugly beast can rear its head and spread quickly down hallways. A fire alarm system in combination with your security sensors creates a comfortable feeling with family members knowing that they’re being protected. CCTV cameras in Los Angeles add extra benefits to your protection when they’re installed in your residence.

CCTV cameras can be placed strategically around areas of your home that you want monitored. These closed-circuit TV cameras are generally installed in areas where break-ins occur or higher activity is present. You can always place these units in any room that you want monitored though. Nanny cams are often installed in areas where children are present or in living rooms to keep an eye on the kids after they return home from school.If a break-in does occur, the monitoring company that has access to your video feed is able to instantly watch the live video and alert the authorities about the dangerous threat to your home.

Installing the Honeywell system requires the knowledge and expertise of a company that’s been installing home security surveillance systems in Los Angeles households for a number of years. The team at Pacific Alarm Systems is a family-owned and operated business that’s been in existence since 1953. They understand that serving home security to Long Beach residents with quality systems is a top priority, and superior service is their guarantee.