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Los Angeles Security Systems: Even the Celebrities Are Doing It

November 5, 2013
Expensive cars, luxury furnishings, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems are just some of the amazing features of the average celebrity home, and keeping those treasures safe with a security alarm is required of every famous person in Los Angeles. Although many exceptionally famous people have guards stationed at their palatial homes, sometimes it’s the security system that wards off a would-be burglar.

Alarm System Keeps Celebrities Safe

Burglars in Los Angeles recently attempted to steal from music superstar Rihanna, but were reportedly thwarted by an alarm after the security system activated. Rihanna was in Australia on a music tour and was not in the residence at the time of the attempted burglary. Those familiar with the crime reported that the burglars only managed to break a window before they were scared off by the alarm system.

Tom Cruise is another celebrity who takes security quite seriously, and his home in Beverly Hills not only has a security gate, but also features a guard shack, a series of surveillance cameras, and a thick perimeter of trees that reach 50 feet tall. There’s also a camera that sits low to the ground that captures the license plates of anyone entering the property.

Some Celebrities Forget their Security Systems

Some celebrities have come close to harm because they didn’t have an alarm system or didn’t have one activated to protect their homes and family. Actor Nicholas Cage revealed that while he and his wife slept, intruders broke into his home and stole a leather coat. The burglars even entered the couple’s bedroom.

Rapper and actor LL Cool J also had a scary run-in with a burglar when he actually got into an altercation with a thief in his own home. The actor sent the burglar to the hospital with a broken nose and jaw. Properly installed and activated security systems can help homeowners avoid the need to fight off intruders, putting themselves in danger.

These and other break-ins of the rich and famous have led to an increase of security installations, with many famous people choosing to install a hefty entry gate and incredibly advanced features like facial-recognition devices that allow or prevent entry into the residence.

The average Los Angelino often won’t have the means to afford a gate that costs a million dollars; however, all residences today may be well-protected by wireless surveillance systems and other classic security devices like proximity alarms and timed lighting.

A homeowner who lives in a modest residence might operate under the false assumption that such a home might not offer temptation to a burglar, but even the sparsest of homes is a target for a thief. Burglary is one of the oldest crimes known to man, and there are millions of break-ins a year in the United States.

Although the Los Angeles Police Department counted 7 percent fewer break-ins within the confines of the city in late 2013, the total property thefts in LA reach several thousand with over 1,000 burglaries occurring in just late September and early October of 2013. Additionally, the city counted thousands of motor vehicle thefts and other types of burglaries in that short time. Protecting a home with a security alarm is essential for all residences in Los Angeles and the surrounding county.