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​Alarm Systems Help Protect Your Summer Home Year-round

July 2, 2013
Your summer home is a great place to get away from your normal life of work, family, and the basic drudgery of everyday life. However, many people worry about their summer vacation homes when they have vacated their relaxing accommodation for the season. This fear is well founded: summer homes are prime targets for thieves once warm weather fades and people go back to their normal lives. A few simple tips can help keep your summer home free of burglary all year long.

Pacific Alarms is a company that cares about its customers and their homes; whether it’s the home they live in full-time or their summer vacation home. While having great alarm systems in place to help ward off intruders is certainly helpful, we strongly advise that your summer home always appear as if it is being lived in. Thieves want little to do with a summer home that looks like it’s more of a permanent residence, so keeping the lawn maintained, use time-managed lighting from your alarm systems to make it look like someone is home, and have your mail sent somewhere else so it doesn’t pile up.

California security companies know that their customers often have summer vacation homes, and include these homes as part of their security plan. As such, these companies often install state-of-the-art video surveillance systems so vacation homeowners can always be able to view their property when they wish. A video camera system installed in any home also helps deter would-be criminals from vandalizing or stealing from the home when the owners are away for the season. Pacific Alarms knows that a secure home is one that has professional eyes on it at all times.

Many people neglect to remember that their neighbors can be helpful allies when it comes to keeping their homes safe, particularly if they rent their property out at other times of the year. Neighbors of vacation homes can alert homeowners if renters are abusing the rental summer property or if they are damaging or stealing from the vacation home in any way. A person should also be aware of their neighboring vacationers for another reason: their neighbors can pose a possible threat to their property if they cannot be trusted. A homeowner who is concerned about their vacation home would be wise to get to know all the people who live near their vacation home so they can learn who can be trusted. In addition, inform the authorities of any extended leave you’ll be taking. Some areas provide periodic drive-by inspections if you request it.

A summer vacation homeowner is one who is well educated about the area in which they rent, knows their neighbors well, and has proper alarm systems installed by California security companies they know they can trust. In taking wise precautions against predators, a homeowner can know that their vacation home is safe at all times. Surveillance cameras can help a homeowner watch their property all times of the year, and using great tips to keep their home safe can help ensure that they have a ready vacation home to entertain them the next time summer rolls around.​