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Alarm Companies in California Advise Precaution with Social Media

July 24, 2013
In today’s technological era when everyone is using social media, you need to take precautions to protect your loved ones and property. At Pacific Alarms, we make it our top priority to keep your home and family safe, so here are a few tips from alarm companies in California for you to consider before posting to social networks.

Travel Plans

When you’re planning on going away, don’t post your itinerary on Facebook, Twitter or other forms of social media. The criminals of today are technologically savvy and can easily access your information, causing your home to fall prey to thieves and vandals. Rather than splashing everything online, communicate the old fashioned way. Pick up the phone and give someone a call or mail a postcard when you get to your destination. You can always share your holiday highlights when you get home. If you insist on sending snapshots and updates while you are away, be sure you have a top notch alarm system in California engaged in your home. In addition, keep your alarm company informed so that they can keep a close watch on your home.

Expensive Purchases

If you have just purchased a costly ring, a new boat, or the latest home theater system, you don’t need to share that information over the Internet. You're only opening yourself up to becoming a target. Feel free to hold a party and welcome guests to see any new additions to the home. When it comes to valuables such as jewelry, make sure you have a secure place in your home where they can be concealed. You might want to get a safe or you could use a filing cabinet that has locks, and tuck them away.

Home Renovations

The next time you are having a home make-over, make sure you don't make all of your details accessible online. This especially holds true if you are going to have a contractor going in and out of your home. Be sure to secure your valuables and again, advise your alarm company so they can monitor the comings and goings in your home. Another good precaution is to inform your neighbors. They can keep an eye out as well and let you know if anything unusual is happening at your home.

Veterinary Visits

If you’re off to the vet with your dog, you don't want to tip off burglars that your home will not be protected by one of the best natural alarm systems in California: the loud bark of a pooch. The same applies if your dog is going to be boarded while you are away. If thieves have scoped the area and know you have a dog, especially a large, loud one, they'll avoid your home.

Alarm companies in California know that even the highest quality home security system can be compromised if homeowners don’t use discretion on social media sites; be sure to keep indications that your home may be vacant, large and expensive purchases, and home renovation plans off of the networks​.