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Alarm Companies in California Want You to be Safe Online

December 27, 2013
Geotagging lets your friends know exactly where that photo of you with the breathtaking castle in the background was taken. While it’s a fun way to bond with others who have been to the same locations, geotagging can have a detrimental effect on the safety and security of your home.

An alarm system in California should help residents keep their home and family safe from burglars, but it’s best to learn how you could be vulnerable from something as simple as sharing status messages with friends online.

Alarm companies in California are warning their clients about the dangers of geotagging and the new threat of criminals cybercasing homes through the Internet. Many law-abiding citizens don’t understand how easy it is for criminals to case a home from status messages and pictures.

In 2010, three men were arrested after they burglarized almost 20 homes in New Hampshire. They netted between $100,000 and $200,000 in property by checking status messages online and hitting the property of people who said they would be away from home.

Since these types of cases are being reported with more frequency, most Facebook and social media users are becoming aware of this new way thieves are trying to break into their homes. Inside most smartphones and digital cameras, there are settings that will embed data-like GPS coordinates into a photograph. Thieves purchase software programs to read that data and find out where you took that photo.

Some social media sites, like Foursquare, advertise a consumer’s current location and give him or her deals and coupons for the business they are visiting. It might not be worth it, however. When businesses publicize your location to advertise, they are broadcasting your whereabouts to social media sites, which can be a huge problem.

This allows criminals to not only narrow down your location but also learn your activity patterns, which will help them break into your home. As the world becomes more technologically savvy, so do criminals. You don’t have to stop being social on social media, but it pays to be more cautious.

To help protect against cybercasing, disable the geotagging setting on your cameras. Each type of phone has the settings or options to turn off geotagging. You can switch it off if you’re taking local pictures and switch it back on for vacation photos that you’ll show when you get back. In addition to disabling the geotagging feature on photos, avoid advertising your vacation online before you leave or while you’re away from your home.

Social media sites have settings for geotagging too. To be safe, remove yourself from these options. This is helpful, especially if you’re not exactly sure how they work.

Alarm companies in California want their customers to remain safe. An alarm system is the first step in personal and home security. Being aware of potential trouble when you’re out in the streets and even online is essential too.

What You Need to Know About Apartment Alarm Systems in California

September 30, 2013
More than two-thirds of all Californians rent their homes or apartments, and that rate isn’t far above the national averages. But only a small percentage of California renters invest in residential security systems. Surveys reveal that the vast majority of these people view it as an investment for homeowners but not for renters. Perhaps what’s most cause for concern is that many of the surveyed people believe that apartment burglary is rare.

Burglary Rates

The truth is that apartments and condominiums are easy pickings. In fact, burglary rates for apartments in a given area are usually significantly higher than the rates for homes. Rates are even higher in apartment buildings that have a main entrance used by all. This is because the individual apartments are very easy to access discreetly, and the neighbors become accustomed to strangers in the building.


A common reason not to have alarm systems in California apartments is the fear of high costs. The truth, however, is that the cost of residential security systems has never been lower. The renter doesn’t have to purchase the equipment and can actually lease it for a nominal fee that the alarm company includes in the monthly rate. Furthermore, wireless technology has made installations a breeze, so the big costs once associated with installations no longer apply.

Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is available for pennies a day and helps to protect you in the event of a crime or even a natural event, such as a storm. Most insurance policies for renters offer a number of benefits for those who invest in residential security systems. Benefits include reduced premiums and extended coverages. If you currently have renter’s insurance, call your agent to learn what your security options are.

Rent Discounts

Ideally, alarm systems in California apartments would be part of the basic, expected level of service. That isn’t the case, however. Most security features are community-wide and don’t extend to the individual apartments. It is possible, however, particularly when it comes time to renew the lease, to negotiate a discount for personalized security that you pay for. The apartment probably won’t cover it all, but they may foot up to 50 percent of it via a monthly rent discount.

Automatic Lights

Most apartments will have lights near all building and apartment entrances. In large part, it’s required by law. Nevertheless, the proprietor isn’t required to provide amenities like automatic lights. However, once an alarm system is installed, adding an automatic light is simple. In fact, most alarm companies will add motion-based and time-based lights for a nominal fee.

Remote Access

Most modern alarm systems in California are remote accessible and can even be manipulated remotely. In other words, you can have access to your system from your workstation at your job or from your smartphone while you’re on the train coming home. If you’ve installed a security camera, you can even watch a feed from it. Want to know when maintenance or pest control enters you apartment? Remote access allows for that.

24/7 Monitoring

Security equipment can be monitored or unmonitored by professionals who react to your alarm system when triggered. In the event of a burglary or home invasion, every second counts and can mean the difference between life and death. Those who opt for the monitored security can take comfort in the added protection.

Surveillance Cameras Providing Home Security

September 30, 2013
For most people, going hom​e to discover someone broke into their house is one of their greatest fears. The realization that their sanctuary was violated, their sense of security shattered can haunt someone for months afterwards. Replacing the stolen items may take years, and not everything the thieves took can be purchased in a store.

This is a lesson a family in Florida learned the hard way. The homeowner returned home after a long day at work to discover her house was broken into, the thieves stealing video equipment, jewelry, a coin collection, and her son’s baby videos. Perhaps what was worse was learning the chance of recovering the stolen items was very low and, unless the thieves were caught red-handed, they were apt to get away with their crime.

So the question begs how does one go about catching a thief in the act? The answer is far easier than people realize, an investment in surveillance cameras not only serving as a deterrent, but also capturing the burglars red-handed.

Alarm systems in California equipped with video surveillance allow homeowners to check on their house from work, while shopping, or even on a family outing. All an individual has to do is log in via his or her computer or cell phone to see what is going on at home. Surveillance cameras can go a long way to ensure home security from Long Beach to Malibu, not only giving homeowners peace of mind, but allowing them to focus on work or play.

While it’s difficult to prevent thieves from breaking into homes in the first place, surveillance cameras certainly give homeowners the power to protect themselves. Adding surveillance cameras to an alarm system in California can mean the difference between coming home to an empty house, and catching the thieves before they can walk away with everything.

It is a known fact that thieves often return to the same house to rob them once again, so the family in Florida decided to invest in surveillance system for their home. By doing so, they were not only able to regain some sense of security, but also monitor the house from work. Sure enough, the homeowner logged on to check on her house one day to discover two men in the living room. She immediately called 911; the police apprehending the men before they could get away with the family’s cherished items. Furthermore, because the thieves were captured on camera and caught within the home by the police, they were prosecuted for their crime.

A similar incident occurred in New York, after a homeowner installed a surveillance system to protect his home. When he logged on to the system, he discovered a would-be thief in his apartment and called the police, the thief successfully captured. There is no doubt investing in surveillance cameras provides home security in Long Beach, ensuring homeowners have the power to protect their homes and their families. Alarm systems in California not only help catch criminals, but also deter would-be thieves. Simply posting signage warning that a home is monitored by surveillance cameras can be enough to send many criminals running the other way. For those bolder thieves not put off by signs, surveillance cameras catch the criminals in the act and give homeowners the sense of security they deserve.

Security Companies in Los Angeles Care About Back-to-School Safety

August 23, 2013
Going back to school is often a scary ordeal for parents and children alike. While having a home alarm system in California helps keep children safe at home, security companies know that that’s not enough outside of the home. In following some excellent back to school safety tips, parents in California can feel more confident that their children are safer, more aware of their surroundings, and more responsible than ever before.

Every year, thousands of children under the age of 14 get injured in school or via school-related activities (riding the bus, walking to school, etc). Parents can take precautions that security companies in Los Angeles recommend to keep their kids safe at all times. If kids walk to school, parents can walk the school route with their children before school starts so kids know exactly how to get to and from school. Kids who ride the bus should be encouraged not to stand up in their seats, be rowdy, or sit near other children who misbehave on the bus.

Other precautions parents can take is talking to school authorities. Parents can make sure schools have a great alarm system in California to help ensure that bullying and other dangerous behavior (including predators wandering about) can be caught on video. Parents can make sure their children wear clothing that won’t get snagged on playground toys, and can check to make sure there is a teacher with the children at all times when they are outdoors. Children should always know their parents’ phone numbers in the event of an emergency both on and off the playground.

For instances that don’t involve the school directly, such as driving children from school or kids walking on their own, parents can follow additional tips to keep their kids safe. Parents who drive their kids to school should drop them off and pick them up as close to the school as possible and not lose sight of their children until they are in the vehicle or in the school itself. They should also teach their children basic street safety, such as looking both ways prior to crossing the road and not stopping in front of a bus where they cannot be seen.

Bullying is a large deal and concern for many parents as well, both on the playground and away from the school building itself. Parents are strongly urged to teach their children how to stand up to bullying by telling an adult immediately after being harassed and by simply walking away from a bully’s demands. While some children will be free from bullying, those who are picked on around the playground and on their way to school should know that it’s ok to tell a parent or grown up immediately that they are being bullied.

Security companies in the Los Angeles area, like Pacific Alarms, want to make sure that kids stay safe during the school year. The best way they can help keep kids safer is by alerting parents about the basic dangers they can avoid by helping their kids make safer choices. While not every danger at or involving school can be entirely avoided, using these tips can help make the school year a lot more fun and safer for everyone.

Tips for Vacation Home Security in Long Beach

August 8, 2013
Neighborhoods where vacation homes are prevalent do experience higher crime rates than other neighborhoods in their region. This is exacerbated by the fact that many vacation home owners don’t take security for that home as seriously as they do for their primary home. When your vacation home is vacant, be sure you take these security measures:

Install High-Security Locks and Latches​

The first step for vacation home security in Long Beach is to upgrade all of the home’s hardware to high-security locks and latches. While you’re away, the number one goal is to delay burglars as much as possible because with each passing second, the statistical success of a burglary decreases dramatically. High-quality locks and latches also make your family feel more secure during those periods when you’re living there.

Monitored Home Alarm Solution

The next step is to hire a security company to install a security system. The best alarm systems in California are monitored, wireless and interactive and have a proven track record of decreasing successful crime in the homes where they’re installed. Some people avoid a monitored solution due to the subscription fee, but a monitored approach is significantly more effective that an unmonitored one, and it may even allow you to take advantage of a hefty home insurance discount.

Communicate with the Monitoring Agency

The more information you’re able to provide a monitoring agency, the better job they’ll be able to do. For ideal vacation home security in Long Beach, provide them with your vacation schedule, which will allow them to react to alarm notifications in a more timely fashion. If possible, consider having the same company monitor both the primary and vacation home so that this process is easier.

Reroute Your Mail

A classic indication of an empty vacation home is mail piling up in the mailbox. At the very least, have a neighbor collect your mail so that it’s not so obvious. Ideally, however, it’s best to reroute the mail from your vacation home to your primary home and vice versa. The USPS even offers a low-cost forwarding service that can greatly simplify this process.

Cancel Newspapers

Likewise, cancel newspapers and all other similar items. The best alarm system in California will do you no good if you’re essentially going out of the way to help the criminals by putting a proverbial bulls eye on your home. Most newspapers offer seasonal subscriptions for precisely that reason, so take advantage, and ask your neighbors to collect those newspapers when they know you aren’t there.

Communicate with Neighbors

Communication with your neighbors can go a long way to optimizing home security in Long Beach. Try to establish a system where you keep an eye out for their homes and they do the same for you. If you have neighbors who live there year round, they bear a lot of the burden, so consider an annual gift that demonstrates how much you appreciate them.

Put Lights and Appliances on Sensors

It also helps to have lights and appliances on at various times of the day, but keep in mind that there are better options than just basic timers. For instance, you can also mix in sunlight timers, and connect access points that you can access from home. The best alarm systems in California also provide home automation features that can make this process a lot simpler and cost-effective.​

Alarm Companies in California Advise Precaution with Social Media

July 24, 2013
In today’s technological era when everyone is using social media, you need to take precautions to protect your loved ones and property. At Pacific Alarms, we make it our top priority to keep your home and family safe, so here are a few tips from alarm companies in California for you to consider before posting to social networks.

Travel Plans

When you’re planning on going away, don’t post your itinerary on Facebook, Twitter or other forms of social media. The criminals of today are technologically savvy and can easily access your information, causing your home to fall prey to thieves and vandals. Rather than splashing everything online, communicate the old fashioned way. Pick up the phone and give someone a call or mail a postcard when you get to your destination. You can always share your holiday highlights when you get home. If you insist on sending snapshots and updates while you are away, be sure you have a top notch alarm system in California engaged in your home. In addition, keep your alarm company informed so that they can keep a close watch on your home.

Expensive Purchases

If you have just purchased a costly ring, a new boat, or the latest home theater system, you don’t need to share that information over the Internet. You're only opening yourself up to becoming a target. Feel free to hold a party and welcome guests to see any new additions to the home. When it comes to valuables such as jewelry, make sure you have a secure place in your home where they can be concealed. You might want to get a safe or you could use a filing cabinet that has locks, and tuck them away.

Home Renovations

The next time you are having a home make-over, make sure you don't make all of your details accessible online. This especially holds true if you are going to have a contractor going in and out of your home. Be sure to secure your valuables and again, advise your alarm company so they can monitor the comings and goings in your home. Another good precaution is to inform your neighbors. They can keep an eye out as well and let you know if anything unusual is happening at your home.

Veterinary Visits

If you’re off to the vet with your dog, you don't want to tip off burglars that your home will not be protected by one of the best natural alarm systems in California: the loud bark of a pooch. The same applies if your dog is going to be boarded while you are away. If thieves have scoped the area and know you have a dog, especially a large, loud one, they'll avoid your home.

Alarm companies in California know that even the highest quality home security system can be compromised if homeowners don’t use discretion on social media sites; be sure to keep indications that your home may be vacant, large and expensive purchases, and home renovation plans off of the networks​.

Honeywell: The Leading Alarm System in California

May 19, 2013
When you’re at home, you should feel safe and secure, protected from the dangers of the world around you. The reality, however, is that dangers are present even in your home. But we have the solution.

We Install Honeywell Home Security Systems

Pacific Alarms can help ensure safety for you, your loved ones and your property. We confidently install the type of alarm system California residents demand – one that delivers maximum protection and immediate response from emergency personnel 24/7.

The brand of alarm systems we have trusted for many years is Honeywell, the top manufacturer of home security systems in the world. The company’s commitment to quality and dependability are what make Honeywell California residents’ preferred home security brand.

Our Alarm Systems Protect from All Common Dangers

National crime and home emergency statistics give homeowners many reasons to be concerned. Your concerns can be alleviated when you choose Pacific Alarms to protect your home with an alarm system in California counties including Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Counties. Here are just some of the dangers we’ll help you avoid:

Burglary: The US Department of Justice recently reported more than 2,150,000 annual burglaries in the United States. Additional statistics demonstrate that a home protected by a home security system is three times less likely to be broken into. The presence of the system, indicated by signage around the home, is a proven deterrent. If the thief attempts to break into your home anyway, the sounding of the alarm will cause them to flee in the vast majority of cases, and police will be on the way within seconds.

Fire: A recent estimate by the National Fire Protection Association put the value of property loss from residential fires at $6,875,000 per year. The key to reducing property damage and saving lives is fast response from local firefighters. Our Honeywell California alarm systems guarantee immediate response from emergency personnel. They do this with the signal they send directly to the central monitoring station that fire or smoke has been detected.

Medical Emergency: Heart attacks, strokes and other medical emergencies often happen at home. Falls are a major problem too. According to the Centers for Disease Control, falls account for about one-half of all accidental deaths that occur at home. Getting to the victim promptly is essential. When medical emergencies arise, help can be summoned right away, the lives of many of those who suffer heart attacks, strokes or falls can be saved.

Choosing Pacific Alarm

Pacific Alarm is a family-owned and operated business that has been protecting area families for half a century. Founded in 1953, our company installs alarm systems that California residents can trust to keep them safe in the event of crime, fire or medical emergency.

We are dedicated to fantastic customer service that sets us apart from other home security companies. That service, combined with the installation of security systems from Honeywell that California customers rely on, is what makes Pacific Alarm the trusted name for home security in L.A. County, Orange County and Ventura County.

Contact us today to discuss your home security needs. As an authorized Honeywell home security system dealer, we’ll have the system needed to keep you and your home safe and secure.