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Six Places a Thief Won’t Look for Your Valuables

August 12, 2014
Pacificalarms Hide Valuables
When you’re choosing a place to put your valuables, you could go with a safe that bolts into the frame of the home so it can’t be removed. Not many thieves are also safe-crackers and thieves are normally looking for a quick, easy score. They’ll spend six to eight minutes rummaging in the home, and if they find a safe, they’ll assume everything of value is kept in there.

If you don’t have the money to invest in a safe that can’t be removed, it’s not recommended that you get one at all. It will give thieves an obvious item to steal and they will take it and open it at their convenience. Instead, you’ll want to hide your valuables in a place that thieves won’t look or notice. Here are a couple indiscreet hiding places for your valuables.

Fake Items
Items that are fake but look real are a great idea for valuables like money and jewelry. The thief doesn’t have a lot of time to search your home, so he needs to get in and out quickly. He’s not going to check every item to be sure it’s real.

Soda Can
There are many real items that can be replaced with fake ones for keeping valuables safe. The soda can is perfect as long as the thief doesn’t get thirsty. They won’t be in your house long enough to search every item in the refrigerator.

Potted Plants
Valuables can be hidden in fake potted plants under the fake dirt and moss, or you can use old prescription bottles to hold rolled money buried in the real dirt. No thief is going to dig into the dirt of your plants in search of valuables.

In some cases, slipping money inside the pages of a book might not be a good idea. If you have a hundred books, it’ll be a little more difficult for a robber to check every single book to be sure there’s nothing in it. If you have three books on a shelf and one of them is filled with money or hollowed out for valuables, that’s probably not the wisest choice

Disguised Home Items
If possible, building fake home appliances and features, such as a false thermostat or outlet, is a great way to hide valuables. These items will look like they are a natural part of the home and burglars will not even think of checking them for valuables.

Air Vents
There are a few different styles of air vents that can be added to the home. It requires a little bit of construction. You’ll have to make a space in the wall for the vent, but it’s less expensive than building a space for a wall safe.

Surveillance Cameras Providing Home Security

September 30, 2013
For most people, going hom​e to discover someone broke into their house is one of their greatest fears. The realization that their sanctuary was violated, their sense of security shattered can haunt someone for months afterwards. Replacing the stolen items may take years, and not everything the thieves took can be purchased in a store.

This is a lesson a family in Florida learned the hard way. The homeowner returned home after a long day at work to discover her house was broken into, the thieves stealing video equipment, jewelry, a coin collection, and her son’s baby videos. Perhaps what was worse was learning the chance of recovering the stolen items was very low and, unless the thieves were caught red-handed, they were apt to get away with their crime.

So the question begs how does one go about catching a thief in the act? The answer is far easier than people realize, an investment in surveillance cameras not only serving as a deterrent, but also capturing the burglars red-handed.

Alarm systems in California equipped with video surveillance allow homeowners to check on their house from work, while shopping, or even on a family outing. All an individual has to do is log in via his or her computer or cell phone to see what is going on at home. Surveillance cameras can go a long way to ensure home security from Long Beach to Malibu, not only giving homeowners peace of mind, but allowing them to focus on work or play.

While it’s difficult to prevent thieves from breaking into homes in the first place, surveillance cameras certainly give homeowners the power to protect themselves. Adding surveillance cameras to an alarm system in California can mean the difference between coming home to an empty house, and catching the thieves before they can walk away with everything.

It is a known fact that thieves often return to the same house to rob them once again, so the family in Florida decided to invest in surveillance system for their home. By doing so, they were not only able to regain some sense of security, but also monitor the house from work. Sure enough, the homeowner logged on to check on her house one day to discover two men in the living room. She immediately called 911; the police apprehending the men before they could get away with the family’s cherished items. Furthermore, because the thieves were captured on camera and caught within the home by the police, they were prosecuted for their crime.

A similar incident occurred in New York, after a homeowner installed a surveillance system to protect his home. When he logged on to the system, he discovered a would-be thief in his apartment and called the police, the thief successfully captured. There is no doubt investing in surveillance cameras provides home security in Long Beach, ensuring homeowners have the power to protect their homes and their families. Alarm systems in California not only help catch criminals, but also deter would-be thieves. Simply posting signage warning that a home is monitored by surveillance cameras can be enough to send many criminals running the other way. For those bolder thieves not put off by signs, surveillance cameras catch the criminals in the act and give homeowners the sense of security they deserve.

The Advanced Technology of Fire Detection in CA

March 6, 2013

Smoke alarms save lives. In fact, statistics indicate that the presence of a smoke detector reduces the chance of death by 50 percent. Despite the presence of at least one alarm in 96 percent of all U.S. homes, more than 3,000 people die in home fires each year. The unprotected four percent account for the majority of these deaths. In cases where a smoke alarm was present and a death still happened, a majority occurred because the residents could not alert the local fire department fast enough.

The Fortunate Story of a CA Home with No Smoke Alarms

On February 13, 2013, the L.A. Fire Department was dispatched to a Boyle Heights home at 6:15 am. The home did not have smoke alarms, but the call was made by someone who saw the fire from the street. Firefighters arrived quickly to the two-story residential duplex. There was already heavy fire in the main hallway and kitchen of the first-floor apartment, but they were able to extinguish the flames in just 17 minutes. All nine residents had been sleeping, but none suffered burns or other significant injuries. Afterward, the firefighters somberly discussed with media how disastrous the fire could have been if not for that call from the street.

The Importance of Fire Detection in CA

Cooking is the leading cause of house fires, and nothing about that is exclusive to the great state of California. Among fires not related to cooking, however, the state is a statistical leader. Factors include the hot, dry climate and the annual prevalence of wildfires. The state has made great strides, including mandating and regulating smoke detectors in Los Angeles and all other major living centers. Nevertheless, traditional smoke alarms are not failsafe, and some homes simply disregard the dangers.

The Role of the Security Company

House fires can intensify so quickly that sometimes basic fire detection in a CA home isn’t good enough. A security company can monitor smoke alarms the same way that they do burglar alarms. This way, the fire department is dispatched as soon as possible and not a moment is wasted. The statistics for monitored fire detection in CA are so impressive that there is a strong push to mandate the monitoring of smoke detectors in Los Angeles through legislation.

Pacific Alarms Fire Detection Services

Pacific Alarm Systems is the leading provider of monitored smoke detectors in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Pacific Alarm has solutions to fit any home or commercial business, including control systems the range from five to 56 zones and fire panels that can support up to 198 devices. The company will monitor your home or business 24/7 from a central monitoring station and be prepared to dispatch the fire department at a moment’s notice.

Pacific Alarms, a Robust Security Solution

Pacific Alarms is a full-featured security solution and a Honeywell authorized dealer. Pacific Alarms provides the full range of commercial and residential security services, including home automation. Via a LYNX control system, Pacific Alarms can integrate your house and fire alarm systems and provide you 24/7 remote access to it via the Total Connect system.

Culver City Security Dealers Care About Your Safety

February 1, 2013

We have all seen TV footage of the tragic scene: a family perishes in their home while sleeping in the night. Deadly carbon monoxide gas crept through their bedrooms, and they had no idea it was happening. A fire official is interviewed who, with a weary face, reports that the family had no carbon monoxide detectors installed in their home. We shake our heads in sadness at the unnecessary loss of life. We review in our heads our own readiness for something like this. Maybe we already have detectors installed and up to par with fresh batteries. Maybe we don’t. We add it to our mental “to do” list: “Get carbon monoxide detectors,” or, “Grab fresh batteries next store run.” Culver City security dealers like Pacific Alarms want you to be informed about the threat and to take the action necessary to keep your family safe.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, invisible gas that builds up in enclosed or semi-enclosed areas whenever a fossil fuel such as gasoline, propane, natural gas, wood, oil, or charcoal is burned. Because cells absorb CO more easily than oxygen, if it is present in the air our bodies will shut out the oxygen so necessary for life and choose the CO instead.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headache, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, confusion, fatigue and chest pain. Because these symptoms mimic the flu, people within the home may assume they are ill. CO levels continue to build and death may occur. If the build-up happens at night while all are sleeping, household members may become very sick without ever experiencing symptoms. This silent killer takes more than 400 lives (most susceptible to death are those 65 and older) in this country each year. It brings approximately 20,000 to emergency rooms and results in approximately 4,000 hospitalizations. Infants and young children fall ill more quickly because of their smaller bodies. Persons with anemia, chronic heart disease and respiratory problems are also easily affected by CO build up.

Home security in Los Angeles is critical. Many steps can be taken to prevent build-up of carbon monoxide in the home. Make sure your home is adequately ventilated. Never use a stove, portable flameless chemical heaters, generators, BBQs (charcoal or propane) or camping stove indoors. Ensure water heaters, furnaces and any coal or oil-burning appliances are checked once a year by a qualified technician. Make sure chimneys are not blocked, and have them cleaned professionally once a year. Open the garage door if you are running your vehicle.

These are important preventive steps to take. However, the most important element in protecting those you love from carbon monoxide poisoning is a CO detector. Install one outside every sleeping area and refresh batteries regularly (a good way to remember this is to change them when we adjust our clocks forward or back with daylight savings/standard time, i.e. twice a year). Have regular family emergency drills so everyone knows what to do if the alarms go off. Have an agreed-on meeting place and call 911 from there.

Pacific Alarms can professionally check your home for any potential threats from carbon monoxide poisoning. These Culver City security dealers have years of experience ensuring home security Los Angeles, and can be trusted to partner with you in keeping your family protected from this invisible threat. Go to for more information.