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Small Retailers Need Security More Now than Ever Before

June 12, 2014
Small retailers need to protect their products, reputation, and facilities. This is why commercial alarm systems are an important investment. Small businesses need systems that are affordable but also efficient. No one wants to deal with a break-in or vandalism, especially if the retailer is just starting out. It is important to consider the right commercial alarm system to protect your important assets.

Traditional Alarm System
Retailers like traditional alarm systems because they notify business owners if there is a break-in or intruder. Once installed at certain entry points like windows or doors, any unauthorized access results in an alarm. This can happen if glass breaks or if motion sensors are triggered. If the alarm system catches something out of the ordinary, the business owner or retailer is notified and has the option to call the police. Many of these alarm systems also detect fire or carbon monoxide levels too.

Cameras or Video Surveillance Systems
A video commercial alarm system is one that provides both exterior and interior protection. This is perfect for managers or business owners who want to see what is happening in a store or office on a daily basis. Many of the security systems today can be accessed online or via a smartphone. This way you can monitor both customers, and employees, even when you’re not at the office. Additionally, businesses like video surveillance because it helps if an insurance claim ever needs to be filed.

Control Access to Specific Rooms
When retailers invest in electronic access control systems, they can protect certain departments or rooms from regular access. This might mean that only the manager or business owner can access the safe or the network. Businesses like this option if they have a lot of sensitive information or a large sum of money on the premises. A group that works with the government or with trade secrets may like to invest in this type of commercial security system.

Consider Price and Vulnerability
When retailers or businesses choose security systems, it is important for the manager or owner to think about risk management. For example, some businesses want to protect information, whereas others want to protect the physical building or products on site. A retailers’ focus will dictate if they need surveillance or an alarm system or a combination of both. The more coverage or security a group needs, the more expensive it will be. Thus, businesses need to assess their needs before investing in a system.

Different commercial alarm systems come in a variety of packages. The best way to choose a system is to think about what needs to be protected. This is a chance to protect against vandals, thieves, and issues like fire and water damage. This investment keeps a retailer from vulnerability.

Most Costly Security Issues for Businesses

January 30, 2014
Security threats can be a big headache for businesses today. Not only are companies contending with the age-old problems of employee and external theft, but new cyber threats have the potential to cost organizations millions in lost revenue and reputation. Creating a plan to stop trouble before it happens is the most effective way to combat security risks, but the first step is understanding what those threats are:alarm companies Los Angeles

• Cyber threats.
• External theft.
• Employee theft.
• Workplace violence.
• Natural disasters.
• Terrorist acts.

Cyber Threats Today

Over the past few decades, cyber crimes have exploded in number and severity. When a company’s computer is attacked, the cost can wreck more than the bottom line. Cyber security and date safety go hand-in-hand with the company’s reputation and whether or not customers can place confidence in the organization’s ability to keep data safe.

Companies with at least 10 computers in use and a central server will need to update protection quickly when new threats are detected. Hackers and cyber thieves are incredibly quick to figure out how to break through new security measures. An employee dedicated to cyber security or the research of new threats is a valuable expenditure for modern businesses.

Violence, Threats and Physical Danger

In the late 1990s, security professionals agreed physical violence at the workplace was the most pressing security issue for modern businesses. Although recent surveys have seen concern for workplace violence fall to second place in importance, the need for updated commercial alarm systems remains vital for the safety of employees and the company's property.

Effective physical security devices have remained consistent over the past few decades. However, technology today is far more advanced. For example, an old surveillance system with a few cameras would provide the bare minimum of protection for issues like break-ins and theft. Today's cameras, on the other hand, come equipped with features like night vision and digital recording, as well as wireless technology.

"Acts of God" and Major Disasters

Even if a company sits right on the San Andreas Fault, it's common for business owners to forget about protecting the company against threats from earthquakes and other major disasters. Constructing secure facilities that would withstand the force of an earthquake is essential. However, the protection and backup of data would also be an important project for any company with important digital information.

The simplest way to ensure that an earthquake wouldn't eradicate the company's entire digital database would be locating backup data in a different geographic zone. For example, a company in Los Angeles might want to back up information each night to servers located in Chicago.

Companies that haven't updated their security system in many years should check for holes in their security protection in addition to replacing devices that are past their expiration date. Alarm companies in Los Angeles can provide an incredible variety of cutting-edge equipment in addition to 24/7 monitoring, which will ensure your business is prepared for modern-day security threats.